Information about Worksity

How it works

How Worksity Works

One of the many benefits of Worksity is allowing local businesses and people benefit from on-demand and no-contract services, carried out by local students, up & coming talent and businesses. All you have to do is delegate whatever it is you require completing to a local student, up & coming talent or business for a more effective and efficient outcome.

How Payment Works

Option 1 - Online (Recommended for new users).

  • Our escrow payment system ensures that your payment are only released on your approval.

  • Worksity takes 0% commission from each transaction. This platform is free and stays free. (Except Paypal/Stripe fee for each transaction that job-doer has to pay directly to Paypal/Stripe.)

We guarantee payment within a day.

We do offer dispute resolution. 

Option 2 - In person.

  • No money is exchanged between you and Worksity.

  • Payment is exchanged between the hirer and service provider.

We cannot and do not offer a payment. 

We cannot and do not offer refunds. 

We can not and do not offer dispute resolution